Key Control Measures: What You Need to Know

Monitoring strategic initiatives and performance is essential for any organization. To ensure the security of campus facilities, it is important to have a key control policy in place. At Williams College, this policy is designed to protect the property and privacy of the college and those assigned to use its facilities, limiting access to only those who are authorized. The college maintains a patented high-security keychain for safety and security reasons.

All keys referred to in this policy are the property of Williams College and should not be duplicated by anyone other than Lock Shop. Duplication of a key, or possession of an unauthorized duplicate, may result in disciplinary measures being taken. The policy and its compliance are the responsibility of the facilities and are implemented through Lock Shop with campus security in mind. It is important that all university professors, staff, and administrators ensure that keys are not issued to people who provide access to areas other than those that the person who issued the key would need to access routinely.

The Lock Shop will be responsible for ensuring that key requests and all relevant authorizations have been obtained before issuing the keys. The Lock Shop will also implement and maintain appropriate procedures to ensure that all issued keys are accounted for and securely deposited in a safe or Keywatcher unit when not in use. In addition to key control measures, it is also important to design an effective accounting and information system. This system should include procedures for institutional control of keys and provide procedures for requesting keys.

It should also include management and dissemination of privileged information. By following these key control measures, organizations can ensure that their facilities remain secure and that access is limited only to those who are authorized. This will help protect the property and privacy of the organization as well as those assigned to use its facilities.

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